Case Study

Scientific Drawing / Illustration Project

Image close-up of a scientific drawing

Project Goals

A professor from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa approached me to do some illustrative work for his research at the time. The study topic revolved around proteins in the chicken eggshell and the female chicken reproductive system.

The client felt like all the illustrations available to him were either outdated or didn't specifically fit his research. The goal was to create images that were cleaner, more modern and more detailed.

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My Role

  • Coordinated with the client and his lab team to get initial information then proper feedback throughout each round of revisions
  • Researched and analyzed available images and illustrations to create accurate drawings
  • Determined the look and feel of the illustrations and determined that these would be created as vector images using Illustrator


  • Many of the source images available contradicted each other or weren't detailed enough. Achieving the final product sometimes required much direction from the client.
  • The client could not use vector image files to publish or use in his software of choice. It was my role to ensure that I provide files large enough and at a high enough resolution for the client's needs.


  • Provided the client with labelled illustrations that were unique, modern and clean.
  • Used Illustrator in anticipation of possible colour changes and/or needing large sized images
  • Provided a package of many different file types and sizes for the different options the client may need.
  • These illustrations were successfully included in a research paper published in the Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences journal

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