Case Study

Deep Sea Encounters / Motion Graphics Project

Short animated gif snippet from the full motion graphic

Project Goals

This project was for a fictional client, conceptualized for a school project. The goal of the assignment was to create a broadcast package for a television show with a theme of our choice. This broadcast package needed to include motion graphics for the program introduction segment, an example of a scene transition as well as an example of a lower third transition. These three components needed to stay consistent with the theme by being tied together in some way.

The fictional television program created was Deep Sea Encounters — a children's program about underwater exploration.

My Role

  • Decided on the theme, audience and creative direction for the project
  • Planned out all elements and actions for the introduction sequence by creating detailed storyboards
  • Found appropriate music to fit with the motion project
  • Designed the logo and all illustrative assets needed for the animations


  • Although storyboards were planned, some elements were introduced or removed to accommodate better visual pacing
  • Some ideas and over-ambitious elements had to be sacrificed for the sake of finishing the project by deadline
  • Had to play around with many different rendering settings to achieve a final product that was of highest quality while not exceeding a maximum file size.


  • Arrived at a final product that is both fun and attractive, with sequences that are not too long to keep the viewer interested
  • The scene and lower third transitions remained cohesive with the introduction animation