Case Study

Canadian Paralympic Committee / Print Project

Image mockup of CPC media guide cover and inside spread

Project Goals

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) is an organization dedicated to strengthening the Paralympic Movement by supporting Canadian high performance athletes with a disability and promoting their success.

The CPC required the production of a media guide for the 2012 London Paralympic Summer Games. The goal of the project was to use the assets and photos provided by the client and provide a booklet that is both attractive and displays information in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Check out the full media guide:

Digital version (PDF)

My Role

  • Designed the front and back cover for the booklet, based on content provided by the client
  • Using a publishing software (InDesign), established a cohesive look and feel and created templates for each type of page content
  • Maintained the InDesign file and ensured that all elements are created using master pages and using a set style (e.g. paragraph or table styles)
  • Coordinated with the person assigned to populate the content


  • The page layouts for the media guide had to be done without the official content. The content from an old guide was used to provide an idea of what kind of information needed to be laid out
  • The InDesign document had to be prepared and organized as clearly as possible for the person dealing with content population


  • Was able to provide a clear template, with all styles needed for content population
  • Provided the client with an eye-catching cover design with consistent typography that also stayed true to their branding colours/look and feel
  • Achieved table designs that display information in an easy to read format
  • Successfully created a document that followed proper pre-press and print techniques